Step Right Up!

We all know it, preparation is the key to success.
And with success in mind, here are a few basic training tips to get you stepping in the right direction.

A session of stair climbing can involve surprisingly very few stairs, you can even train the necessary muscles on a single step; aim for intensity of activity rather than long ascents.
First, find a suitable flight of stairs, then time how long you can sustain stepping activity at high output, and arrange you schedule around that  base time.

For example, if your base time is 60 seconds, arrange your step-training thus:
– 60 seconds x 3 sets, 20 seconds rest between sets.
Watch it build – move up to 80 seconds x 3 sets, 100 seconds x 3 sets, etc as you get stronger.

Remember rest is as important as exercise! To allow for muscle repair, do stair-climbing sessions on alternate days. Cross-train with gym sessions and your preferred cardio workout.
Be sure to include a few resistance or strength training exercises.

Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!
Stepping will work your quads and calves much more intensely than flat ground. Stretch often and after each training session to keep your body limber, lithe, and happy to step-up!